Speakeasy Weekly Celebrations Series Sept. 22—Sept. 28

Sunday, Sept. 22—World Rhino Day

The rhinoceros is an animal that most in America only associate with zoos. The Southern African Wildlife Foundation recognized this problem and attempted to give the rhino some love in the early 2010s. With some serious effort, an active social media campaign, and even a Spotify rhino-themed song playlist, an international holiday recognized all across the globe has been created for the Asian and African animal.

Monday, Sept. 23—Fall Equinox

The beginning of fall signals another equinox. An equinox is when the earth is tilted toward the sun in such a fashion that it lines up with the equator. Day and night will be close to the same time for both hemispheres. For the next few months, the northern hemisphere of the earth will be having shorter days while the southern hemisphere will be having shorter nights.
Tuesday, Sept. 24—National Voter Registration Day
First observed in 2012, National Voter Registration Day is a mix between a holiday and an activist group event. On the fourth Tuesday on every September, volunteers of activist groups all across the country will go around and attempt to convince people to register to vote. According to nationalvoterregistrationday.org, National Voter Registration Day managed to register over 800,000 people. Ahead of the 2020 presidential primaries/general election, it is imperative to register to vote so people to can their vote in any way they desire.

Wednesday, Sept. 25—Will Smith’s Birthday

There are not many actors in Hollywood more recognizable than Will Smith. After a rapping career under the name The Fresh Prince, Smith went into the movie business where his career would explode. Starring in movies such as Ali, The Pursuit of Happiness, and Men in Black 3, Smith took the movie business by storm and shows no signs of slowing down.
Thursday, Sept. 26—50 Year Anniversary Of Abbey Road
Abbey Road is an important piece of music history. It was created by The Beatles, arguably the most iconic band of all time. Although Let It Be was released later, Abbey Road was the last album all 4 of The Beatles recorded together. Music has transformed over time, but the impact of The Beatles still lives on and is an inspiration for artists around the globe.

Friday, Sept. 27—World Tourism Day

The United Nations World Tourism Organization founded this holiday to spread awareness of how much tourism actually means to the planet. Not only does tourism influence the growing sense of a unified multiculturalism on the planet, but it also generates revenue into the countries with the attractions. Every year, The United Nations has an international event to celebrate how tourism has shaped the world. This year, the event will be held in New Delhi, India.

Saturday, Sept. 28—Anniversary of Ted Williams’s Last Game

Ted Williams was not only a phenomenal hitter, earning the Major League Baseball Triple Crown twice, but he was also a World War II and Korean War veteran. The Major League Baseball season is almost over. That means meaningful players will step away from the game in the coming weeks. Since Major League Baseball had Ichiro Suzuki retire at the beginning of the season, it seems fitting to look back at another player considered to be one of the greatest hitters ever.

Stay tuned to Speakeasy every week for more things to celebrate.

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