Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Sept. 29—Oct. 5

Sunday, Sept. 29—Kevin Durant’s Birthday

The National Basketball Association has never been more popular on a global level, and fans are anticipating the next season to be one of the best. One of the biggest reasons why is because Kevin Durant decided to move on from the Golden State Warriors and lead his own team. Although he is still recovering from injury, fans should be thankful the off-season turned out the way it did.

Monday, Sept. 30—Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is the celebration of a new year in Jewish tradition. At sundown on Sept. 29, the holiday will technically begin, but that night is considered the beginning of Sept. 30. Most Americans are used to the dropping of the New Year Ball as a celebration of a new year, but Jewish Americans are familiar with a shofar, an ancient horn, being played after services throughout the day.

Tuesday, Oct. 1—Debut of the Model T

Everyone knows the story here. Henry Ford created an affordable car, opening up a new means of travel to the masses. Imagine a world without cars. Imagine not being able to be as mobile, only having businesses available that are in walking distance. That alone should be enough to understand why the car is so valuable to modern society.

Wednesday, Oct. 2—National Walk and Bike to School Day

School is in full gear for Americans all around the country and how people get to school can be critical to health and safety. For some, walking or riding a bike makes sense given the location of the school. On Oct. 2, events promoting safety and getting students active will take place all across the country. According to walkbiketoschool.org, there are 81 events happening in Ohio alone.

Thursday, Oct. 3—Look at the Leaves Day

Fall has officially begun. One of the most common impacts of fall is the changing of the leaves. Depending on the type of tree, the leaves will change color due to the plant not producing any more chlorophyll. The leaves will eventually fall down, creating quite the view of different colors around the world. If just looking is not entertaining enough, catching leaves and using leaves for decorations can be a more active experience.

Friday, Oct. 4—Derrick Rose’s Birthday

Derrick Rose deserves recognition for an entirely different reason than basketball. He suffered several injuries that many people believed would end a promising career. However, he never gave up and kept going through rehab. His career may not live up to all the talent he used to have, but Derrick Rose is a symbol of never giving up to young athletes around the world.

Saturday, Oct. 5—National Do Something Nice Day

Kindness is something that can be taken for granted. A lot of people, unfortunately, focus on the negative. That is why people need to try to be positive. Being nice makes helps the person receiving the kindness while helping someone else support a holiday. If you cannot think of anything nice to do, say something nice. You could do it for parents, peers, or even strangers. Or do it for everyone.

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