5 Characters Who Could Make The Ultimate DLC Character

The Smash Brothers Ultimate roster keeps increasing. Masahiro Sakurai, director of Smash Bros Ultimate, announced before the games release that there will be at least six DLC fighters in the game. five to this point have been confirmed. That leaves one more spot to send the first wave Smash Bros Ultimate roster DLC off with a bang. Even after this first wave, more DLC fighters are confirmed to be in development. With the bar being set so high, which characters could Sakurai place that would get the most people talking about the game? Since there are no assist trophies that are also in the game as main fighters, the list will not include any characters that are in the game as assist trophies. However, since some spirits and mii fighter costumes in the game are also fighters, they can be included.

Bandanna Waddle Dee: Kirby

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The omission of a new Kirby fighter is strange considering Sakurai is the creator of Kirby.  Even though Sakarai has stopped working on the series, he has given Kirby special treatment in the Smash series in both the Subspace Emissary and World of Light. There are some assists trophies from the Kirby series such as Chef Kawasaki, Knuckle Joe, and Nightmare. Waddle Dee is a huge and very noticeable omission from the list. From a recognizably standpoint, Waddle Dee has been playable in multiple Kirby games. From a fighting standpoint, Waddle Dee has a spear which is a unique weapon for the game From a licensing standpoint, Waddle Dee without the spear has appeared alongside King Dedede in the Super Smash Brothers series before. It would not surprise me in the slightest if Sakurai is saving more love for his old series as the last addition to the roster for his current one.

Gilgamesh: Final Fantasy

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One of the biggest surprises for Smash Bros 4 was the addition of Cloud from the gaming classic Final Fantasy VII. Many people were going crazy, since Nintendo got the most famous Final Fantasy Character Into the Game. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo and Final Fantasy have a really solid relationship, as the games still sell on Nintendo’s  platforms. That didn’t stop the Smash community from exploding when Cloud was confirmed. The question now is, is that all? Final Fantasy practically defines role playing games and has a treasure trove of characters to choose from. Instead of choosing one of the main characters, why not put in the recurring lovable bad guy to represent the series as a whole?

Rabbid: Rabbids

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These guys certainly have come a long way haven’t they? After being side characters in the Rayman series, the rabbids got spin off games that sold well enough for Nintendo to put them in a game with Mario. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was one of the weirdest games of the early Nintendo Switch life cycle and it still sold well. These guys are like the Minions of the video game world, which means there is marketing potential by putting them in such a mainstream game. Although they appeared in at least one game a year from 2006-2017, they have never been in a system seller like Super Smash Brothers.  They have also been in a lot of different situations, which gives infinite potential for weapons and animations. For example, who wouldn’t want to throw a plunger at Captain Falcon in a Smash tournament?

Jill Valentine: Resident Evil

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Capcom has allowed fighters from Mega Man and Street Fighter into the game. They have even allowed content from Monster Hunter into the game However, there is no trace of Resident Evil. Valentine would add a lot to the game from a marketing standpoint. She has a more realistic design, something Smash needs more of. She also adds a female to the first bundle of DLC, which Smash also doesn’t have a lot of girl fighters. Most people seem to like Jill more than they like Chris, her male partner. Smash also really needs more characters with long range capability since it has too many sword fighters. Not only the Smash community, but the general gaming community would see Jill as a perfect fit.

Sora: Kingdom Hearts 

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With a character roster as big as Smash Bros Ultimate has right now, there aren’t many gaming icons with mainstream gaming appeal left. The Smash community will buy whatever Sakurai gives them, but that’s not true of the casual person who’s buying the game. Sora would be unbelievable. Kingdom Hearts III was not officially out for the holidays last year so Square Enix might want to try and market something to get some remaining holiday sales. The same type of thinking goes for Nintendo with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. It would be very surprising to not have the last DLC character revealed before the holidays.  But do they want to cooperate? Just a quick reminder, Square Enix owns Kingdom Hearts, and Cloud is already in the game. On top of that, the original Kingdom Hearts was playable on the Nintendo D.S.

Who Sakurai picks for DLC will be critical. Each character I listed here would be either unexpected, have mainstream appeal, or both. If Sakurai nails the landing on the DLC character, this game will be even more hard to top than it already is.

Photos courtesy of Fandom and Cartoon Crossover.

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