Halloween Countdown with Molly Weir: Day 4

Oct. 4
For the first time this year, the temperature is dropping which means it is finally beginning to feel like fall. With only a short twenty-seven days until we celebrate the greatest day of the year, there is no time to waste. Today’s article will discuss the most iconic Disney Halloween movie, Halloweentown. 

Marnie Cromwell and her siblings, Dylan and Sophie, only see their grandmother one day of the year, Halloween. The year of Marnie’s thirteenth Halloween, she notices some strange things that her grandmother, Aggie, is able to do. She can turn cooked chicken back into a real chicken! Marnie and Dylan decide that after seeing this they want to follow her to the bus stop and then back to her house. They are shocked when they find their younger sister has followed them on this crazy adventure. When the bus finally stops where their grandmother lives it is nothing like their own town. There are skeletons driving cabs and monsters roaming the streets. With their luck, they run into Kalabar, the mayor of Halloweentown, who directs them towards Aggie’s house. When they arrive, Aggie explains that they are a family of witches and this not only comes as a shock, but also as a relief because Marnie always knew there was something strange about her. Aggie then explains that Halloweentown is in danger because people keep disappearing without a trace. Aggie hopes she can train Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie to be the witches she needs in order to stop whatever is happening in her beloved Halloweentown. Will Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie be the answer to save Halloweentown? Or are they too late? You will have to watch in order to find out!

Until next time, have a spooky day!

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

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