Halloween Countdown with Molly Weir: Day 12

Oct. 12

The countdown to Halloween grows closer with only a short 19 days. Today’s article will be another movie review because who doesn’t love movies?

Haunted Mansion” is a great family movie to get you into the spooky mood. Jim Evers, a real estate agent, decides to take his family on vacation to prove that he can do something other than work. His wife, Sara, believes that his work has caused him to neglect his son and daughter and Jim will do anything to prove her wrong. However, on the way to their vacation, Jim decides to take a look at a house he is supposed to sell. Sara is extremely upset but she knows that if she wants a vacation she must let Jim do what he has to do. They meet the owner of the mansion, Master Gracey. He gives them a tour of the mansion and expresses his deep concern of selling the house as soon as possible. Unfortunately, a horrible storm forces the family to stay the night at this mansion where they learn that everyone in the mansion is dead. When they try to leave, they realize they are trapped and the ghosts will not let them escape. Jim will do anything to save his family, but will his efforts be enough? Watch and find out. 

Until next time, have a spooky day!

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

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