Halloween Countdown with Molly Weir: Day 15

Oct. 15

The best thing about Halloween is going trick or treating and getting as much candy as possible. Sometimes the candy is great, and other times you get pretzels–which are not as fun. Today we will look at what are the top 10 best candies to receive on Halloween.

Sitting at number 10 is Hershey’s Bars. Always a classic and easy to give because I have never met anyone who does not like Hershey’s.

Number nine is Reese’s Pieces. It is the perfect small treat to give you the peanut butter and chocolate snack you are looking for.

At number 8 it is Nestle Crunch. Rice puffs dipped in chocolate, what could be better?

Number 7 is Mr. Goodbar. The perfect balance of chocolate and peanuts and is at the top of the Hershey charts. 

Number 6 is 100 Grand. Chocolate and caramel in a perfect bite size treat? Nothing sounds better.

Number 5 is the classic Butterfinger. The trend continues with peanut butter and chocolate expect the peanut butter is so thin that it adds the perfect amount to the chocolate.

Number 4 is KitKat. One of the most popular chocolate treats due to the fun crunch of the bar and because of its amazing taste.

Number 3 is Snickers. A personal favorite of mine because of everything inside such as nougat, nuts, caramel and chocolate. 

Number 2 is Twix. Caramel? Cookie Crunch? Chocolate? Do I need to say anymore?

Finally, the best candy of all time, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. It is hailed as the greatest combination of peanut butter and chocolate that mankind has ever made. With multiple shapes such as a circle, a pumpkin, a bat, it is never a boring snack. 

It came as a shock that all the candy was chocolate but I suppose people love chocolate with their scares. Until next time, have a spooky day!

Photos courtesy of Flickr and Wikimedia.

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