Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Oct.—​20 Oct. 26

Sunday, Oct. 20—National Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day

In this generation, kids don’t want to think about school on Sundays. But back when children had to work in order for families to survive, Sunday schools were seen as a way to get a child some basic education. As child labor ceased to exist in the western world, the focus of Sunday schools turned more about religious education as opposed to traditional school education. Regardless, the day to celebrate adults mentoring kids on a weekend is every third Sunday of October. 

Monday, Oct. 21—Orionids Meteor Shower 

Although some people enjoy meteor showers, people likely don’t care about what specifically causes the shower. But with this particular meteor shower, the origins come from one of the most famous objects in the sky. The Orionids are debris from Halley’s comet, which is visible to the earth about every 75 years. The 2019 Orionids have been active since Oct. 2, but the peak of the shower will likely be the night of Oct. 21 and the morning of Oct. 22. 

Tuesday, Oct. 22—Make a Dog’s Day Day 

This holiday is a unique one for this series. For starters, the holiday was not declared by a government or organization directly tied to the subject matter. It was declared by Subaru, a popular car company. It is also unique in the sense that 2019 will be the first time this holiday is celebrated. Subaru has been known to help animals of all kinds. According to Subaru’s website, the company has been providing support for 11 years and has contributed $25,000,000 to help support animals.   

Wednesday, Oct. 23—Medical Assistants Recognition Day

One of the impossibilities of life is maintaining health. Without the work of doctors and medical assistants around the world, the world would be in a significantly worse position than it is right now.  Medical Assistants Recognition Week is celebrated the third business week of October while the day itself is the Wednesday of that week. 

Thursday, Oct. 24—​First Person Survives a Barrel Ride Down Niagara Falls 

Annie Edson Taylor survived a 167-foot drop. She was 63 years old. What was a 63-year-old doing in a barrel going down Niagara falls? Well, she was trying to gather enough attention to spend the rest of her life in fortune. Although she initially gathered some attention for the stunt, she did not make as much money as one would expect and still died poor in 1921. But at least she will forever be known as the 63-year-old lady who survived going down a waterfall. 

Friday, Oct. 25—Hurricane Thanksgiving Day

Islands typically have unique traditions in relation to the rest of the world. One of these traditions on the United States Virgin Islands is the holiday known as Hurricane Thanksgiving. The day is essentially a celebration of the fact that the islands did not get completely obliterated by a hurricane. The day does not officially mark the end of the hurricane season, but it is still a reminder to be thankful for every moment a person has.    

Saturday, Oct. 26—National Pumpkin Day 

It is no coincidence National Pumpkin Day occurs in late October. The jack-o’-lantern is one of the biggest staples of Halloween and the pumpkin theme carries into November. People enjoy the pumpkin flavor in the fall, whether it would be in the form of a pie or a latte. As Halloween draws closer and closer, there is no better time to enjoy pumpkins.  

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