Halloween Countdown with Molly Weird: Day 21

Oct. 21

What says spooky better than a good ghost story? While I had so much fun writing about the ghost stories at Ohio University, I thought that a popular urban legend or two would better get non-locals and those tired of the same old stories more into the spooky mood. 

A popular urban legend is the story of Bloody Mary. Growing up, Bloody Mary was a story you would tell at sleepovers. It was told that if you went into the bathroom, turned off the lights, and said “Bloody Mary” three times then when you turned on the light she will be standing behind you. Nobody quite knows who Mary is but some believe that she could be Queen Mary I, who was believed to bathe in the blood of virgins for vitality and vanity. Meanwhile, others believe “Mary” was a witch who was burned at the stake searching for her revenge–where she lived or where she wreaked her spell-casting havoc is unknown. 

Another popular urban legend is of the Halloween Haunted House. There is a supposed traveling haunted house, seen in Ohio, Texas and Michigan–according to those who have claimed to have seen it. The house has five stories and gets scarier as you go up. To enter, you must pay a $25 admission fee and every time you go up a floor, you will apparently get $5 back. The chance to earn your money back as you go eggs you on to go further, lures you up and up by your greed and pride.

There are many stories of people who have claimed to have gone into the house and have never come back out. Floors four and five have seemed to be the ones to claim the victims, or scare others that survive. One guy was found paralyzed by fear, and his hair had gone white during his time inside of the house. He was allegedly taken to an insane asylum, and nothing more is known of what happened to him or what it was he saw that changed him so severely. Many people try to visit the infamous world’s scariest haunted house, if they can find where it has moved.

There are so many urban legends and ghost stories that will be told throughout the Halloween season. Why not get it started?

 Until next time, have a spooky day!

Queen Mary I thought to be the source of the Bloody Mary urban legend. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

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