Halloween Countdown with Molly Weird: Day 22

Oct. 22
Today was a beautiful day outside and my roommate and I decided that we wanted to get ice cream. Where else would we have gone other than Whit’s?

To honor the fall season I ordered a sundae called “Pumpkin Whister” and it was amazing! The workers first blended their homemade vanilla ice cream and pumpkin syrup. Thought that was it? Well, you would be wrong. They then topped it off with their pecans, cheesecake bites or chocolate flakes. Of course, I went with cheesecake bites, but you can choose what you would like. 

The smell and taste of the pumpkin only added to the excitement of this wonderful season. Overall, both my roommate and I would recommend this sundae to anyone and hope you stop over at Whit’s and give it a try! Until next time, have a spooky day!

The “Pumpkin Whister” fresh out of the blender. Photo by Molly Weir.

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