Halloween Countdown with Molly Weir: Day 24

Oct. 24 
With the start of HallOUweekend beginning tomorrow, I wanted to take this opportunity to help reiterate the safety precautions to have a fun and safe weekend!

Rule #1: Please wear your wristband given by your dorm RA’s at all times! This will allow you to get back into your dorm without hassle.

Rule #2: If you do bring a guest, remember you are responsible for all of their actions. Make sure they are safe and respect Ohio University’s rules.

Rule #3: A friendly reminder that all doors in resident halls will be locked EXCEPT for the main entrance. You can only get in through the main doors.

Rule #4: Have a safe area to meet your friends if for some reason you get separated. Cell service is not guaranteed to work this weekend, so have a plan!

Rule #6: Be smart! There will be so many people on campus this weekend so do not travel alone and don’t do anything that could get you in trouble!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your time with your friends! Until next time, have a spooky day!

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