Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Nov. 3—Nov. 9.

Sunday, Nov. 3—​End of Daylight Saving Time
Every year, the vast majority of America has a day where an hour is gained, and a day where an hour is lost. There are exceptions to the rule, like most notably most of Arizona and Hawaii. But in general, people adjust time in order to adjust to the sun. Some people mix up when an hour is lost and an hour is gained. If you are one of these people, well, congratulations! You get a whole extra hour to do whatever you want on Nov. 3.

Monday, Nov. 4—​National Candy Day
Even though Halloween will have passed by this day, the impacts of the season are still impacting the nation. Most notably, the people who participated in Trick-or-Treating may still have candy left over. Most people don’t need an excuse to eat some candy, but if someone wanted an excuse, here is a good day to enjoy some sweets.

Tuesday, Nov 5—​Taurids Meteor Shower
The Taurids are going to be around on a lot of days. This day could be a lot of days around early November, because that is predicted to be the peak viewing. An interesting aspect of the Taurids is the presence are what are called “fireballs”, meteors that are unusually bright. The most famous Taurids Meteor Shower in recent history was 2015, so it may be fun to see if this one can be more active than even the 2015 shower.

Wednesday, Nov. 6—​Abraham Lincoln Elected President
Early November is the time of year where elections happen in America. The country has had many crazy elections, but only one led to a separation of the United States of America. The Democrats were very divided at the time while the Republicans had just formed under one purpose, to address the slavery issue. Lincoln himself was focused on saving the union, and thankfully, the country managed to pull off both.

Thursday, Nov. 7—​Hug a Bear Day
It’s time to transition from the election of one president on Mount Rushmore to a toy inspired by another. Theodore Roosevelt was an outdoorsman, he valued nature and hunting arguably more than any other President in the history of America. After a hunting trip where he refused to kill a bear in an unsportsmanlike manner, the concept became a popular one in America. Now, teddy bears are a classic toy in America, and have received their fair share of hugs over the years.

Friday, Nov. 8—X Ray Day
​In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-Rays. When used properly, X-Rays can be beneficial to society by getting to examine human bodies in a way that was impossible before the discoveries. However, it must also be acknowledged the danger of exposing human bodies to too much radiation. Society has progressed enough to know the dangers and use X-Rays for its benefit.

Saturday, Nov. 9—The Fall of the Berlin Wall
The cold war is a conflict that impact the second half of the 20th century. After Germany fell in World War II, the Soviet Union and the rest of the allies split up the land of the Axis powers. They decided to not give Berlin to any one nation, but split it up. This created some issues as the relationship between the Allied Powers continued to crumble. Having Berlin open again was a great symbolic step for maintaining peace. Plus, in my completely unbiased opinion, the Brandenburg Gate is the cooler piece of architecture in Berlin anyway.

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