Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Nov. 10—Nov. 16

Sunday, Nov. 10— Debut of Sesame Street 

There are a lot of characters in children’s shows that are very recognizable to the public. Some of these, such as Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird come from the show Sesame Street. Even television juggernauts like Sesame Street have financial trouble, as the show had to leave the Public Broadcasting Service in order to stay alive. Fortunately, the show can air new episodes on Home Box Office, and will celebrate 50 years on the air today.   

Monday, Nov. 11—​100 Year Anniversary of World War I ending 

World War I often gets overshadowed in world history now thanks to World War II, but the conflict shook the way world powers interacted each other. There was a massive celebration when it ended that became known as Armistice Day. Now, a century later, Americans still take the day to celebrate their Veterans, as they are the ones who keep the country safe. World War I was not the last international conflict, nor are international conflicts going to magically go away, but people who fight for freedom and negotiate peace need to be celebrated.     

Tuesday, Nov. 12—​Kartik Poornima 

This religious celebration happens in cultures traditionally found in India. Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains are some examples of religions which celebrate the holiday. The holiday occurs during Kartik Month. For Hindus, it is a time to celebrate Vishnu, the preserver god or Shiva, the destroyer god. A lot of the ceremonies have to do with bathing, as some bodies of water are considered holy in Hindu tradition. Although the holiday works a bit different in Sikh and Jain traditions, it is still a holiday that has worked its way into different religions traditions. 

Wednesday, Nov. 13—​World Kindness Day 

It’s always good to see a day coming up every year about just sharing kindness, the holiday gets a lot of support from the not for profit organization World Kindness Organization, which according to their website, has members in over 29 nations. You don’t have to become a member of any organization in order to celebrate this day. All you have to do is be what everyone should strive to be, kind. Kindness towards people you like, don’t like, and everyone in between. 

Thursday, Nov. 14—​World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a problem in society that can sometimes get overlooked. That may stem from the fact that sometimes the disease is genetic and sometimes the disease comes from an individual’s experience. Regardless of how the disease formed, all the problems with not having enough insulin in the body need to be acknowledged. According to worlddiabetesday.org, the 2019 theme for World Diabetes Day is Family and Diabetes.   

Friday, Nov. 15—​Debut of the Xbox 

In 2001, Microsoft decided to enter into the video game market. The original Xbox launched with most notably Halo: Combat Evolved and had enough success to keep Microsoft in the gaming market. As people move forward into the next generation of gaming, Microsoft has a new line in the series set to launch in 2020. Project Scarlett will hope to replicate the success of the Xbox, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One.   

Saturday, Nov. 16—​International Day for Tolerance

The world seems to become more and more interconnected as each day passes. As cultures collide, unfortunately misunderstandings may occur. The United Nations understands this, which is why they have an annual day to acknowledge the importance of tolerance. It’s sad that tolerance is the benchmark societies are trying to hit as opposed to cooperation and acceptance, but the problem of not being tolerant  is one that may take generations to fix. The best way to move forward as an interconnected planet is to start moving in a unified direction.

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