Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Nov. 17—Nov. 23

Sunday, Nov. 17—​Leonid Meteor Shower
If a person was not able to go to bed on this night, they might be in for a show. This annual meteor shower is scheduled to peak this night, which is a normal time in the year for the shower to happen. Unfortunately, the moonlight this year might be too much for the meteors to be visible. But according to earthsky.org, “ In a dark sky, absent of moonlight, you can see up to 10 to 15 meteors per hour at its peak.”

Monday, Nov. 18— Mickey Mouse Day
Mickey Mouse Day is celebrated today because Nov. 18 the day when Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse’s first appearance, debuted. Everyone knows Mickey Mouse as one of the primary mascots of Disney. He has been in practically countless T.V shows, movies, books, and any other media a person could think of. Past all the merchandise, there is a film icon, which likely has made many children happy for the 91 years he has been a character.

Tuesday, Nov. 19—​Gettysburg Address Anniversary
272 words. That is shorter than the articles written in this series. Yet when Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address, those 272 words changed the fabric of American society. He was likely just trying to help support a community that had just lost many lives in the Battle of Gettysburg. However, harkening back to the Declaration of Independence sparked a fire in the Union soldiers and likely helped turn the tide of the Civil War. His words will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, Nov. 20—​College Football “The Band is on the Field”
The interesting thing about sports is sometimes the most iconic moments come when no one expects them. The people who attended the 1982 University of California and Stanford University football likely game didn’t expect to witness one of the most iconic football plays of all time. But the absolute chaos of this play, from the big pile of people trying to make the tackle, the University of Stanford band members thinking the tackle was made, and play continuing led to an absolute crazy ending.

Thursday, Nov. 21—World Television Day
Most of the time in this series whenever a United Nations holiday is highlighted, it is normally tackling a human rights issue. But the United Nations decided to highlight one huge way of spreading information across the globe with this holiday. As technology advances, it becomes unclear how long the television is going to stay around. But it cannot be denied the television has served an important role for sharing information and entertainment to a lot of places around the world.

Friday, Nov. 22—Start Your Own Country Day
In order for a society to continue progressing, there has to be a level of ambition. Starting an entirely different country sounds pretty ambitious. That is probably what the people who created this holiday were thinking. The holiday is linked to the 1939 New York World’s fair. That year was a crazy time for many countries around the planet, as poverty was common and tensions for a war were rising. Although starting a country does not sound feasible, it is that kind of big thinking people need to make change.

Saturday, Nov. 23—​Debut of Dr. Who
Very few shows can last as long as Dr. Who has. A lot of that longevity can be attributed to the concept. Having a main character that can take on different forms means the role is not directly connected to one character. It also leads to significant emotional moments because death of the main character becomes inevitable. The Doctor debuted in 1963 and the story will continue in 2020.

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