Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Nov. 24—Nov. 30

Sunday, Nov. 24—Mother Goose Parade Day
As usual, once a big American holiday comes around other smaller events and holidays tend to be focused on the big holiday coming up. Thanksgiving is known for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but there is another parade, which happens the Sunday before if a person could not wait for all the fun parades bring. The Mother Goose Parade takes place in El Cajon, Ca.

Monday, Nov. 25—​International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
Gender focused violence is an issue which people do not talk about as much as they should. Yes, society acknowledges it is a problem, but the solutions do not get brought up in order to end the violence. That is why the United Nations having an official day to recognize the effort to eliminate violence is so significant. According to un.org, the theme for 2019 is, “Orange the world: generation equality stands against rape.”

Tuesday, Nov. 26—​Day of the Covenant
The day of the Covenant is essential to those in the Baha’i faith. The Baha’i religion was founded in Iran in the 19th century. A couple of their key messages are that everyone is spiritually unified and all religions serve a bigger purpose. It makes sense that a religion with the premise of the one true god spreading news important to different time periods would take covenants very seriously.

Wednesday, Nov. 27—Blackout Wednesday
A lot of people in America get Thanksgiving off, and a lot of college students come home. These two factors lead to a lot of people drinking all over the country on the day before Thanksgiving. With a practice this common and dangerous, society needs to be mindful of the current laws in America. People are not allowed to purchase alcohol under the age of 21 and people are not allowed to drink and drive. Hopefully everyone will be able to enjoy their time off and be safe.

Thursday, Nov. 28—Thanksgiving
Everyone knows Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. Some people are annoyed by hypocrisies in the holiday, such as it being linked to a meal with Native Americans when the Natives were later treated horribly, and George Washington issuing the Thanksgiving Proclamation not truly separating church and state. With all that being said, since America has this holiday to be thankful, focusing on the good while acknowledging the bad is a good step toward coming together.

Friday, Nov. 29—First Flight over South Pole Anniversary
Immediately after Thanksgiving people tend to start focusing on Christmas, but while kids will start writing their letters to the North Pole, Nov. 29 will be the 90 year anniversary of flying over the South Pole for the first time. Richard Byrd took off on what turned into almost a 19-hour flight to fly over his second of the two poles in the world. He had allegedly already flown over the North Pole in 1926, but now there is more dispute on if he actually did or not.

Saturday, Nov. 30—​Small Business Saturday
A common trope in the Thanksgiving season is after the meal, shopping begins. Shopping for the deals after Thanksgiving is common, but what a lot of people don’t know is the Saturday after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday. It’s important to remember when shopping the big corporations aren’t the only ones willing to make good products. Supporting local businesses can change local lives.

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