Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Dec. 1—Dec. 7

Sunday, Dec. 1—Rosa Parks Refuses to Give up her Bus Seat 

Throughout history, symbolism plays an important role in structuring societies. Some symbols can be good, some symbols can be bad. African Americans having to give up bus seats served a symbolic purpose more than a practical one. It showed the power structure of the society, which is why it was so important for Rosa Parks to not give it up. This relatively small defiance inspired the Montgomery bus boycott, and helped spearhead actual change in the Civil Rights Movement.   

Monday, Dec. 2—Monroe Doctrine Issued 

The United States was a country that really only interacted with other countries with trade. The Monroe Doctrine was the first real signs of foreign policy, and even then it was about Europe and the Americas staying out of each other’s business. It may not have done too much when it was issued, but the United States getting involved in the world’s affairs can trace its existence back to this document.   

Tuesday, Dec. 3—​International Day of Persons with Disabilities

There are many things a person has that they did not choose. Race, sex, and family are some examples of these sorts of things. Another one of the most fundamental is whether or not a person is born with a disability. There are countless forms of disabilities with countless disadvantages, but every person, in spite of their abilities, deserves the opportunity to experience life how they see fit. According to the United Nations Website, the holiday was founded in 1992.  

Wednesday, Dec. 4—Santa’s List Day 

Christmas dominates the hearts and minds of a significant portion of the population when the December month hits. It is no surprise to see holidays relating to Christmas get created. One of the most common traditions in the Christmas experience for America is Santa Claus having a naughty and nice list. Today is the day where he writes it. Little kids probably should not know this though, they probably will think that means they can start being naughty and still get presents.  

Thursday, Dec. 5—Bathtub Party Day

Holidays can be so fun because they tend to lead to a lot of parties. But most of those parties don’t happen in a bathtub. Some people may ask about the purpose of having a bathtub party. But there is an easy retort to that. Why not? Bathtub parties are so cool Jimmy Fallon celebrated Bathtub Party Day on his show last year.  

Friday, Dec. 6—​St. Nicholas Day 

A large amount of the commercial holidays in the west have their origins in religious practices. Halloween is an example, and Christmas is another. But before the west gets to Christmas they have to acknowledge the man who inspired the creation of Santa Claus. St. Nicolas was said to have given up possessions and gave what he had to others. Regardless of the validity of any of the St. Nicolas legends, they inspired one of the most beloved times of the year.    

Saturday, Dec. 7—​International Civil Aviation Day 

If there is one central message the United Nations tries to get across in its international days, it is the fact that the world is an interconnected place. Aviation is one of the most prominent examples of this connectivity. Aviation does not just move people around. It has the potential to lift places of poverty by helping the economy. 

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