Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Dec. 8—Dec. 14

Sunday, Dec. 8—​Bodhi Day 

Buddhism is a religious tradition that is very interesting in terms of purpose. Siddharta Gautama reached a state called enlightenment, through meditation and mentally escaping from the material realm. All Buddhists, who strive to also reach enlightenment celebrate when the Buddha does it. It should be noted, although December 8th is a common date to celebrate Bodhi Day, different cultures celebrate Bodhi Day on different days depending on the calendar they are using. 

Monday, Dec. 9—Green Monday 

Early December gets associated with people preparing for Christmas, and preparing for Christmas requires shopping. Just like how the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, Green Monday has an annual time, which is the second Monday of December.  A lot of online shopping companies such as Amazon and eBay have green monday deals. If a parent were looking for a day earlier in December to get an online gift to make sure the shipping arrives on time, today is the day.  

Tuesday, Dec. 10—Nobel Prize Day 

Alfred Nobel spent his life working with explosives, which is interesting because his name would become associated with peace. It is very likely the purpose of having the peace prize in the first place was because Nobel didn’t want himself to only be remembered for influencing weaponry. Peace is not the only nobel award. On Dec. 10, 1901, Nobel prizes were awarded in the fields of peace, chemistry, physics, medicine, and literature. Now every year on that same day Nobel Prize Day is celebrated. 

Wednesday, Dec. 11—​International Mountain Day 

One important aspect of the development of humans is how they reacted to their geography. Geography influenced how people formed communities and survived with one another. Mountains created borders and impacted the location of water since before humans dominated the planet. Every year on Dec. 11, the United Nations celebrates International Mountain Day to emphasize the importance of the environment. 

Thursday, Dec. 12—Jamhuri Day 

Countries take the day when they achieved independence very seriously. Kenya is no different. Much like America, they had to achieve independence from British colonialism. And also like America, they have a yearly celebration to remember their independence. Kenya became a country within the lifetime of some of the people alive today, meaning older people who lived in Kenya remember what it was like at the tail end of British control. It must be really awesome to look back on.   

Friday, Dec. 13—Friday the 13th 

It may be hard for some students to believe, but Fridays in Christian cultures were seen as bad luck. What is seen as a day of joy bringing about the weekend to some, is a reminder about the death of the messiah to others. 13 also has a bad reputation in the west, because 12 is seen as a positive number. Friday the 13th is also the day a huge portion of the Knights Templar got arrested. This has led to some superstition in some cultures.   

Saturday, Dec. 14—Geminids Meteor Shower

Most people wouldn’t recommend waking up a two a.m. if a person is on a normal sleep schedule. But there may be some astronomers that disagree with that sentiment on Dec. 14. That is when the Geminids Meteor shower is scheduled to be at its peak. According to earthsky.org, a person could see over 50 meteors per hour at the peak, which this year happens to be at two a.m. 

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