Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Jan. 19–Jan. 25

Sunday, Jan. 19—World Religion Day

History has shown religion has the power to either be a unifying force or good or a bringer of destruction, depending on how it is being used. The Bahá’í religion has taken the opportunity to spread a message of unity among all religions. Although the holiday started out as simply a national holiday, it has grown into an international event. Regardless of your current religious standing, unity needs to continue to be preached.     

Monday, Jan. 20—Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Moving from unity of religion to unity of races, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is bigger than the man it is named after. Martin Luther King Jr. was an individual who teamed up with many other individuals to try and tackle a societal issue. The amount of progress and work left to be done can be debated, but the impact of Dr. King’s famous speech needs to be celebrated, while kids from all races at schools all around the country enjoy a three day weekend.   

Tuesday, Jan. 21—National Hugging Day 

According to nationalhuggingday.com, holiday was first mentioned in 1986, appearing in Chase’s Calendar of Events. The 34th National Hugging Day reminds everyone it’s okay to need emotional support from others. Even if a person is not a hugging person, they should at least work to preserve the important relationships in life.    

Wednesday, Jan. 22—Answer your Cat’s Questions Day

This is not the first nor will it be the last post on the internet asking questions about what animals think about on a daily basis. Pets contribute a significant amount to a lot of people’s lives, even without the ability to communicate with humans. Now is the time to talk to them like they can fully understand what you’re saying, if you don’t already do that.    

Thursday, Jan. 23—Frisbee Invented 

It is always impressive whenever a toy has the market power to not be just another fad. Whether it would be a toy a kid throws to a pet, or a sport many athletes around the world take seriously, many people around the world have learned how to throw this toy. According to history.com, Wham-O was the company that first produced the frisbee in 1957.  

Friday, Jan. 24—Unification Day 

Most people in the United States always get excited at the proposition of a holiday, because a holiday is a potential day off. Getting days off is not just a United States practice. In Romania, one national holiday is known as Unification Day. There is also another holiday very similar to Unification Day known as Great Union Day, which occurs on Dec. 1.    

Saturday, Jan. 25—Lunar New Year

By the time Jan. 25 comes around we will be over three weeks into the new decade. However, if a person wanted some new year celebrations, they could look at China’s ceremonies. The Chinese New Year is traditionally marked by the start of a new lunar calendar. Someone familiar with the zodiac calendar will know 2020 is the year of the rat.

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