Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Jan. 26–Feb.1

Sunday, Jan. 26—World Leprosy Day

Many Americans may be familiar with leprosy as a disease because of its mentions in the Bible. However, what many people may not know is the disease is still prevalent in the world. It has been renamed to Hansen’s Disease According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 2–3 million people are living with disabilities stemming from leprosy globally.    

Monday, Jan. 27—International Day is Commemoration for Victims of the Holocaust

On Jan. 27, 1945, the infamous death camp Auschwitz was finally shut down, ending one of the darkest periods in world history. However, the pain and suffering caused by the atrocity didn’t go away from those who lived through it. The world tries its best to never forget, which is why the United Nations having this annual remembrance is a no brainer.   

Tuesday, Jan. 28—National Plan for a Vacation Day

As the first month of the new year comes to a close, those in society who have the privilege of taking a vacation may want to start planning for their time of relaxation. Not only is it something fun to think about, as the daily routines of people continue to unfold, but planning ahead on these sorts of things may lead to more fun experiences as a result. The Holiday is celebrated on the last Tuesday of January     

Wednesday, Jan. 29—Vasant Panchami 

It may be hard to believe a holiday happening in January celebrates the beginning of spring, but that is exactly what many Hindus in India and around the world will be celebrating. However, the coming of a new season isn’t all the Hindus will be celebrating. The holiday is also a celebration dedicated to the goddess Saraswati, who is a goddess of many things, most notably wisdom.  

Thursday, Jan. 30—Gandi’s Assassination  Date 

Transitioning from an Indian holiday to the remembrance of a prominent Indian figure may be difficult to do for the people of India, but Gandhi’s influence needs to be remembered. He changed the course of history not only by leading a successful campaign for Indian independence, but by doing it in a nonviolent fashion. Too many times people let politics take precedence over general humanity of the opposition, so Gandhi’s teachings need to become more common knowledge. 

Friday, Jan. 31—Appreciate your Social Security Check Day 

Everyone should hope to be able to make enough money to retire. Social Security is not talked about very foundly in current day America, but the reality of the situation is many Americans around the country put a lot of time and finances into the country’s current success. The Social Security checks being received by these people is also a symbolic thank you note for those who worked before the current workforce.  

Saturday, Feb. 1—Ice Cream for Breakfast Day 

February is a month most common known for Valentine’s Day. Which to some, will be a time to rekindle some romantic relationships. For others, it means ice cream. On the first Saturday of every February, those not in a relationship can get a head start on their ice cream binging. Don’t let the fact that it’s cold outside stop the ice cream consumption, and people in relationships can enjoy the binge too.   

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