Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Feb. 9–Feb. 15

Sunday, Feb. 9—Academy Awards 

2019 was a pretty good year for the movie industry. There were some new installments in classic franchises, such as “Toy Story 4” and “Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker” There was “Joker,” in which a famous fictional character was brought back into the spotlight. And of course, there were fresh new ideas brought to the table for different genres such as with “Marriage Story” and “Ford v. Ferrari.” Look forward to more content from Speakeasy Magazine after the Academy Awards.     

Monday, Feb. 10—French and Indian War Ending 

History has dark periods of war that society needs to learn how to prevent. The only way to learn how to prevent war is to look back at what caused it. For the French and Indian War, it was a territorial dispute having to do with the current United States Midwest. Territorial disputes are not an uncommon source for war, so if society wants to improve, they need to come up with more peaceful solutions.      

Tuesday, Feb. 11—World Day of the Sick

Given the recent spread of the coronavirus, this holiday may be coming at just the right time. Unlike most of the other international holidays mentioned in this series, World Day of the Sick is not a holiday created by the United Nations. Instead, the holiday finds its origins in the Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope John Paul II.  

Wednesday, Feb. 12—NAACP Day 

February is Black History Month, and the NAACP has had a profound impact on race relations in America. NAACP Day occurs on Feb. 12 because that is the day when the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded. The NAACP can take pride in their assistance in the Brown v. Board of Education case, as they continue to contribute to the race dialogue today. 

Thursday, Feb. 13—World Radio Day

One important aspect of the world today is how interconnected it is. Hopefully this interconnected nature will lead societies to come together in the future. Younger people may not think about radio is important now, but it really progressed the world forward in terms of communication. Now, the United Nations celebrates the radio on the anniversary of the day in which United Nations Radio was created. 

Friday, Feb. 14—Lupercalia   

Instead of talking about the holiday associated with Feb. 14, looking at what the Romans were doing in the middle of February may be more interesting. Lupercalia is the name of the original holiday. It required animal sacrifices, beating women with pieces of the animal corpses, and getting paired into random couples. Hopefully not too many couples or single people are too upset with how they get treated on Valentine’s Day, because it used to be far worse. 

Saturday, Feb. 15—Liberation Day

No day brings out more patriotism than celebrating the independence of a country. For the people of Afghanistan, that day is on Feb. 15, marking the end of Soviet Union attacks on the country. They have decided to embrace a representative style of government, while not letting go of their religious traditions.  


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