2019 Movie Fantasy Part 4: Final Results

The Oscars have come and gone and with that, awards season is officially over. So it is time to dive back into the Movie Fantasy Spreadsheet to see which films came out on top.

The winner of the 2019 Movie Fantasy competition is: “Marriage Story!” Finishing at a grand total of 478 points, “Marriage Story” won by 18.5 points over the second place “Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood.” It was able to win with a trio of acting performances that were each among the most recognized in their respective categories, a well-received screenplay and a strong Rotten Tomatoes score. “Marriage Story” was not the strongest film in any single category, but it did well in so many that it was able to finish with the most points.

Falling just short of the win “Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood.” This movie won the second-most Best Picture wins with 7 and Brad Pitt pretty much swept Supporting Actor for his performance. It was also tied for the most Oscar points with 32. It also had the second most points for minor critic awards such as Cinematography and Editing. It only missed out on winning due to a lower Rotten Tomatoes score and a relative lack of recognition for L DiCaprio in Lead.

The next films were not as close to winning, with third-place “The Irishman” and fourth-place “Parasite” scoring 407.5 and 356 points respectively. The Irishman did well with two supporting performances from Joe Pesci and Al Pacino receives accolades and 10 Oscar Nominations, but fell short due to a lack of recognition in Best Actor and a relative lack of below-the-line awards. Best Picture winner “Parasite” ended up in fourth place. It had the most Best Picture and Best Director wins with 22 and 23 respectively. It also had the highest Rotten Tomatoes score with a near-perfect 99. However, Parasite could not compete with the movies above due its near complete lack of acting recognition.

Here is a full top 20, divided up by the different ways they scored points:

As far as the team results, the Orange team won easily, being the only team with three top 10 films, including 2 of the top three. Meanwhile the green team stayed in last, with only 2 teams in the top 20 and 7 of its 13 films scoring fewer than 50 points. Here are the full totals for each team:

Overall, this experiment was a great success. In the future the only things that may change for next year is recoding the data on the films that were not selected by any team, as a comparison and the weight of some categories may be slightly altered. Otherwise, it has been fun following the race this year and the full, completed spreadsheet can be found here. Now, it is time to start looking up predictions for the 2021 Oscars.

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