Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series Feb. 23–Feb. 29

Sunday, Feb. 23—Defender of The Fatherland Day

Regardless of a person’s opinions on military affairs, it is important to acknowledge that behind every soldier is a life story. Those who put their lives on the line for a country will likely be respected by that country. As is the case in Russia. Defender of the Fatherland Day originated after World War I.       

Monday, Feb. 24—National Tortilla Chip Day 

It is always very interesting to learn about stories in which failure turns into success. In the 1940s, one business woman named Rebecca Webb Carranza decided to start putting overcooked tortillas to use. The chip became a mainstay in America from that point forward.  

Tuesday, Feb. 25—Shrove Tuesday  

Many Christians around the world will be entering a time of morning soon. During the season of Lent, Christians are called to enter a time of repentance and fasting in preparation for easter. The season begins on a day called Ash Wednesday, and the Tuesday before goes by many names including Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, and Pancake Day. 

Wednesday, Feb. 26—Inconvenience Yourself Day

Even something inherently negative can have some value to people around the globe. If someone looked at Inconvenience Yourself Day from a normal perspective, it does not make sense to have a day devoted to inconveniences. However, there is also a massive opportunity here. If for whatever reason a person accidentally did something to inconvenience themselves, they can act like it was planned as part of the celebration.     

Thursday, Feb. 27—Independence Day 

On the Island named Hispaniola, there are two independent countries sitting right next to each other. One of these countries, the Dominican Republic,  celebrates their independence every Feb. 27. Juan Pablo Duarte is seen as the founder of the Dominican Republic given his strong activism during the time period.       

Friday, Feb. 28—National Tooth Fairy Day 

The tooth fairy is a fictional figure which has withstood the test of time. Kids getting rewarded for losing teeth is a fun experience to have for family. It also helps dentists have a chance to have kids care about their teeth. On both Feb. 28, and Aug. 22, the tradition gets a chance to be celebrated.    

Saturday, Feb. 29—Leap Year 

A lot of people know the leap year as the extra day every four years, and for the most part, that is true. But it is actually a bit more complicated than that. The entire purpose of a leap year is to ensure the time passed and the earth’s rotation around the sun match. The way a leap year works is to add one day every four years, except on years starting a new century. On centuries, add one day every four centuries.


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