Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series March 1–March 7

Sunday, March 1—Self Injury Awareness Day
One of the most difficult aspects of mental health issues is a feeling of loneliness. One way to remedy the problem is to talk about issues. When a day is devoted to people speaking out about self-harm, the idea is people who would’ve stayed quiet alone will speak out together. Many on social media will be speaking out with the #SIAD.

Monday, March 2—Adwa Victory Day
Back in the 1890s, Italians attempted to expand their nation into Ethiopia. The war regarding this conflict became known as the first Italo-Ethiopian War. One of the most important battles in this war was the battle of Adwa, in which Ethiopians celebrate a decisive victory. Now every March 2, Ethiopians celebrate the victory as a matter of national pride.

Tuesday, March 3—World Wildlife Day
It is important for us humans to remember we are not alone in sharing this environment. Other forms of life play key roles in our ecosystem. Starting in 2013, the United Nations has devoted every March 3 to World Wildlife Day. This year has the theme “Sustaining all life on Earth.” After all, people are intelligent creatures, so they can have that responsibility.

Wednesday, March 4—Government Under U.S Constitution Begins
A lot of people look at Independence Day as the founding day of the country. And to an extent, it makes sense. But no country can survive without a set of principles to abide by. And the United States Constitution has survived over 200 years. The 9th state ratified the Constitution on March 4, 1789, making the Constitution the law of the United States.

Thursday, March 5—Death Date of Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin left a dark mark on history with his sheer brutality and disregard for his own people. The people in the Soviet Union had to deal with this terror leading their country for decades, so when he died there was no doubt a sense of relief for many people. Of course, the problems of the people of the Soviet Union did not magically go away, but it was a step in the right direction.

Friday, March 6—Middle Name Pride Day
When people introduce themselves, they normally either go with their first and last name or just their first name. Nobody ever talks about the middle name, even though it is just as much a part of their identity. On the first Friday of March, the middle name has a chance to take center stage.

Saturday, March 7—National Cereal Day
Take a second to imagine a world without cereal. Back before cereal became loaded with sugar, it was a way for people to balance their diet with a healthier option (some of these cereals are key to people today for that reason). Diets would drastically change without the dependable, filling food item, and no one ever talks about it.

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