Speakeasy Weekly Celebration Series March 8–March 14

Sunday, March 8—Beginning of Daylight Saving Time 

Time for sleep is very important for people. If having the same amount of sleep is important to someone, they will want to go to bed an hour early on March 7. However, daylight saving time may soon become a thing of the past. States such as Arizona and Hawaii already do not change their clocks, and states such as Florida and Utah have legislation in the process of potentially taking effect. 

Monday, March 9—National Napping Day 

One reason why daylight saving time is receiving criticism is it messes with people’s sleep schedules, which may impact productivity. This holiday allows people to get back on track with their sleep schedule. Granted, taking a nap may affect productivity for that day, but that’s beside the point. Excuses are not necessary for naps.     

Tuesday, March 10—Holi 

The coming of spring is just around the corner for those in the northern hemisphere. For those in India, that means the Holi is about to begin. Although the holiday has its roots in ancient Hindu religious practices, many enjoy the colorful atmosphere the festival brings. Holi always follows Holika Dahan, which falls on March 9 this year. 

Wednesday, March 11—Johnny Appleseed Day 

We have two day of the year to celebrate John Chapman, who would later become known as Johnny Appleseed. The first is on Sept. 26, which is the day he was born. The March date also makes sense because spring is on the horizon. Being able to plant and take care of the environment in general becomes crucial as the weather gets warmer.  

Thursday, March 12—World Kidney Day

Nobody talks about kidneys until problems occur. The purpose of World Kidney Day is to get a dialog going about kidney-related diseases such as c hronic kidney disease. According to worldkidneyday.org, the holiday started in 2006. Living kidney donation is a common practice, and many people wait for donors.  

Friday, March 13—Discovery of Uranus 

On March 13, 1781, William Herschel discovered an object which would later be known as Uranus. The discovery was a massive leap forward for humanity’s understanding of outer space, as Uranus is one of the most far away planets in our solar system from the sun. Humanity has since made other great discoveries, such as TOI 700 d. The planet is close to the size of earth and should be in a habitable zone. 

Saturday, March 14—Pi Day

People have been attempting to calculate the area of a circle since the times of ancient Egypt and Babylon. Pi, the number which represents the area of a circle, is an irrational number. However, people commonly round the number to 3.14, which gives us the celebration on March 14. Interestingly enough, Albert Einstein was also born on Pi Day.   


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