The Jam Room Season 2 Ep. 1

The Jam Room has come back around for a second season, and we have made a few exciting changes to the show, including a new member. Sam Benezra, Jackson Schroeder and Andy Maughan will be kicking off the first episode by discussing some of their favorite bands: The Grateful Dead, Television and The Allman Brothers.

Speakeasy Cinema Podcast Ep. 1: There Will Be Blood

This is the inaugural episode of the Speakeasy Cinema Podcast, featuring Seth Foerstner, Trevor Tisdale, and Sam Benezra. We’re kicking it off with one of our all time favorites, Paul Thomas Anderson’s classic There Will Be Blood. Get ready to dive deep into Daniel Day-Lewis’ chilling portrayal of Daniel Plainview, a ruthless turn-of-the-century oil tycoon who will…